Smart home

For your house or apartment in Moscow

The highest degree of comfort and safety.
Stays the main, while you are away.
Creates comfort when everyone is at home.

Smart home app

One-touch smart home management through the app
Control is always at hand



Turn on and adjust the brightness of lighting in any part of the house from your smartphone.

Gas, water, heat

Gas, water, heat

A smart home will lower the temperature in the room while you are away.

Curtains / blinds / jalousie


Do you wake up with the first rays of the sun or prefer to sleep longer?
Control the dawn to your liking.



No matter where you are, video from CCTV cameras is available directly from your smartphone.



One control panel for all multimedia devices.
What do you prefer, watch a movie in an intimate setting or have a party?
Choose for yourself. Smart home can do anything.

Auto meter

Auto meter

At any time, get statistics on the consumption of light, water, gas for the chosen period.

What is "the scenarios" in the Smart Home system?

The Scenario is the specific algorithm of Smart Home behavior, which runs automatic or with one click.

Do you wake up? It's time to open the curtains or turn on the light. Use one of the switches or the touch control panel of your bedroom. You can just take a smartphone and turn on any device or turn on a light.

A pre-configured wake-up script, the most convenient and enjoyable for you, will gently wake you up and set you up for work on weekdays and for relax - on weekends.

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How can your morning start?

  1. At the indicated time, the alarm goes on, the room immediately turns on soft lighting for a comfortable wake up.
  2. The system opens curtains, blinds and jalousie.
  3. A few minutes before your awakening Smart House activates the “warm floor” system so that you can comfortably get out of a warm bed.
  4. Ventilation starts to work more actively, filling your house with fresh air.
  5. The audio system launches pleasant morning music, which will help you better wake up and cheer up.

Control the lights, music and any multimedia devices from your smartphone. Create a romantic setting or club atmosphere with a few touches.

You can create a script for this holiday and manage it as you wish. Dance all night or break up at 22-00? Only you decide.

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How can a party go?

  1. The light in the corridors is muffled or turned off, the backlight turn on in the rooms.
  2. Music turns on in all rooms.
  3. Ventilation is set to high power mode.
  4. The climate in the guest rooms goes from eco-mode to working.
  5. The auto-transition of the house to night mode is turned off.

Manually adjust the light intensity, set the sound environment and select a movie from any source. Smart home supports best quality video streaming.

An automatic script will do everything for you. It is included in just one touch in the Smart Home application and creates the best atmosphere for watching your favorite movies.

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How can a cinema work?

  1. The system smoothly dims the light and turns on the floor lighting.
  2. The room is curtained, the lighting becomes optimal for watching movies.
  3. The air temperature is maintained at a comfortable level.
  4. The screen extends, all equipment turns on, the projector turns on, and playback of the selected movie, series, and TV shows starts.
  5. At the end of the work, the system performs the steps in reverse order.

When you leave home, it makes no sense to keep the heating or air conditioning turned on, but you need to continue to monitor for possible water leakage and other dangerous events. Control any device from the touch panel or through the application.

Click one button in the app. A smart home will turn off the light wherever you forget, activate security systems, put heating in an economical mode.

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How can a smart home work when you leave?

  1. All unused sockets are automatically turned off.
  2. The AV equipment, the light in the house turn off.
  3. After 30 seconds, the light in the hallway goes out, the house is kept under guard.
  4. Curtains and blinds close before your arrival or until the specified time.
  5. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, warm floors go into economy mode.

Manage the
Smart Home system through any gadget

Use the device that is convenient for you to control the house - a touch panel, smartphone, tablet or interior switch

Voice Assistant

In our work, we use the most reliable standards - Crestron, Control4, AMX, KNX, which have established themself as a reliable stable operation and supports equipment of more than 400 manufacturers.

Visit our showroom and test Smart Home in real time!

Visit our showroom and experience all the advantages of Smart Home on yourself in real time!

You can see everything with your own eyes and appreciate the simplicity of managing the Smart Home system in the show room. Come at a time convenient for you and see the unlimited possibilities of the system to create comfort and coziness.

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About company

Brainer is a full-cycle company. We design power supply, conduct automation, electrical work, assembly of automation panels, programming, configuration, commissioning of each element of the Smart Home.

Our goal is to create high-quality, functional, safe and highly reliable systems that truly simplify life and make it more comfortable. The peculiarity of Smart Home systems is that two completely identical projects cannot exist. We create a unique solution for each client, that will perfectly match the complexity of the tasks.

The more devices and engineering elements must be combined into a single control network, the more complex and expensive the project is. Through experience, we know how to maintain the perfect balance.

Smart Home Installation Steps

  1. Installation of cable systems

    Installation of cable systems is one of the most critical stages. Mistakes made will be difficult to fix subsequently, therefore, there are only highly qualified specialists in our staff, who have more than a dozen completed projects.

  2. Mounting end equipment

    The "heart" of a smart home - the control panel will be assembled and tested in a production environment. At this stage, sensors, switches and control panels are also installed.

  3. Test run

    Turning on all devices and testing the Smart Home system in each operating mode allows quickly resolve the identified malfunctions.

  4. Setup and commissioning

    The equipment settings, individual and convenient for you personally, as well as automatic scripts are created at this stage. It remains only to accept the work performed and enjoy a new degree of comfort.

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Our Portfolio

Apartment in the style of "minimalism"
Art Deco style apartment
Italian style house
Scandinavian style house
American style house

Apartment in the style of "minimalism"

Area: 220 sq.m.

Each element of the interior performs a useful function. “Smart home” - complements and expands this functionality without violating the design concept.

Our certificates

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asked Questions

How much is a smart home?
To find out the exact cost of the system, you need to know the number and type of functions that need to be implemented.
What does a smart home consist of?
A smart home consists of control elements with which you control an automation system and actuators that control engineering and multimedia systems.
What is the difference between different systems of Smart Home?
Centralized (have a central controller, more flexible in configuration), distributed (intelligence is distributed among all smart home devices, thereby making the system more reliable in operation), control over power wires (the minimum budget can be distinguished from the advantages), and over the air (the functionality is very truncated systems, such systems are relevant for apartments after repair).
What will happen to the Smart Home if the power is cut off?
If a power outage occurs and your system is not equipped with an uninterrupted power supply, it will turn off, and when power is restored, all elements will return to the state at the time of shutdown. We can program any sript that will be activated during a power outage.